SPARE PARTS: Men After Prostate Cancer

Practically no one likes talking about prostate cancer. Well, except us. We talk about it because men have no idea about their risk or what type of screening they should be asking their doctors about.

We work with many types of partners to help spread our prostate cancer education. We work with breweries, baseball teams, hockey teams, hotels, restaurants…pretty much we seek men out in their natural habitats. For over 100 years, men have been working on cars, driving cars, admiring cars, and it’s time we find these men doing what they love and help them know their risk for prostate cancer.

SPARE PARTS is visual exhibit/display that helps educate men about prostate cancer risk, early detection and survivorship. The underlying message of “life goes on” and that survivors can lead long healthy lives after prostate cancer is important. Men who may be apprehensive about prostate cancer stereotypes and misinformation need us to help them be proactive in their prostate health.

SPARE PARTS will kick off with a special reception on August 31, 2016 at the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum in Hershey, PA. The exhibit will be on display throughout September to celebrate Prostate Cancer Awareness month.  After its run in Hershey, SPARE PARTS will rotate to locations across Pennsylvania. Please call us or email us at if you are interested in hosting the SPARE PARTS display and opening reception.


Calling all prostate cancer survivors!

As a prostate cancer survivor, you know better than anyone how important early detection can be. As a prostate cancer survivor, you can probably remember how your pre-cancer self viewed prostate cancer. If you could go back and give yourself some advice before diagnosis and treatment, what would you say? SPARE PARTS gives you that opportunity, to help men understand prostate cancer—from early detection to life after treatment.

Please consider joining our SPARE PARTS team by filling out the attached form and sending it back to us to use with your picture to tell the story of life after prostate cancer. We’d love to help you share your story, and may be we’ll save some lives along the way.